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Just a quick shout out to Mark Ling, who just notified me that he is releasing his training called learn build earn in June 2017. Now why am I blogging about this?

Well to put it simply, I think its awesome! I got a chance to take a look at the member’s area, thanks to the guys at and I must say I am impressed.

What is the learn build earn course?


In a nutshell, you will learn all about how to build your own info product and find the right people to promote it (affiliates). It is completely newbie friendly as it starts at the beginning and teaches you everything on how to build simple products all the way to advanced techniques such as: webinars, sales letters, recurring offers, high ticket offers and more.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with knowledge you want to share, make sure you check out the learn build earn course. For all future updates, please go to and keep in the loop.
P.S. – there will be a series of free training webinars that you will be able to attend, where Mark is going to give away a LOT of value and free tips on how to start your own digital product business.


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Restaurants eCommerce Programs and Tools in Review

Frantzen Lindeberg Reviews 100k Factory Revolution – The New eCommerce Program For Restaurants

Restaurants are of course known as being places where you can go out to eat. However, until recently, the impact that technology can make on the dining experience has not been fully realized. The National Restaurant Association reports that 25 percent of consumers state that technology options are aspects that are important to them and factor in their decisions on which restaurant they select. This is up from the 20 percent of respondents that stated this last year. Within the restaurant industry technology is impacting not only how customers decide where to eat, but also what they eat along with how they order it. (source: – 100k factory revolution review and discount)

The following are three ecommerce tends presented by 100k Factory revolution that this year will be affecting restaurants:

Mobile payments

Although it isn’t completely ubiquitous yet, the adoption of smartphones among consumers is a growing majority of regular customers who use portable devices on a daily basis. These same consumers are accessing mobile and ecommerce websites at an increasing rate, along with other platforms where they are able to make purchases. The situation is similar for the restaurant industry. Mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps are becoming popular trends within the food service industry since they allow customers to place their orders no matter where they are. More flexibility is being offered by restaurants in terms of where consumers are able to make orders for food.

100k Factory Point of Sale Upgrade


Within the restaurant industry, point of sale solutions are a rapidly maturing operations component. As mobile technology keeps evolving, POS systems do as well. Within the industry mobile point-of-sale solutions are fast becoming a mainstay. This year the main business driver that influenced restaurant POS upgrades was enabling new payment options. According to a recent study from Hospitality Technology, 56 percent said that adding things such as mobile contactless payments, e-wallet and other alternative payment methods were a top priority for them. In addition, ecommerce alternative payments have become more prevalent within the restaurant industry. Tablet-based POS systems are even being put on restaurant tables, as can be seen at Chili’s restaurants all over the country. Find more here:

Easier and Faster Delivery 

Before smartphones were introduced, consumers had to call a business and order delivery or takeout items. Although that isn’t the worst thing, it is very important to note that there has been a dramatic change in how consumers order takeout and fast food. Mobile devices can now be used by consumers to search for, call and place their orders, in one sitting. A major contributing factor to this has ben the proliferation of ecommerce introduced by the 100k factory revolution team. However in terms of ordering and delivery, the restaurant industry’s takeout aspect is being dramatically changed by online retail.… Continue Reading

Frantzen Lindeberg eCommerce Restaurant Solutions

eCom Succcess Academy Helped Franzen Lindeberg to Manage Their eCommerce Business With Restaurant Furniture

On the face of things, the eCom success academy drop shipping model provides the best opportunities for both vendors and customers. For the vendor, the hassle and expense of carrying a huge inventory of products is removed, and for the customer, they can benefit from a much wider range of items all supplied by the one vendor, whom they know and trust.

Drop shpping tax challenges for people doing business online, as it crosses borders, is not limited to geographic regions, and enables anyone in the world to start a global business for a very small financial investment. However it is not totally risk free, and there are some negative aspects of the model that anyone considering it should be fully aware of. Adrian Morrison’s eCom success academy is revealing the downsides you should know before starting a dropshipping business.

Downsited Of The eCom Success Academy Dropshipping Model 

Establishing A Reliable Ordering and Tracking SystemIt is quite ironic that one the biggest benefits of the system, is also one of the biggest failings. To ensure, you offer a wide range of products; you may well have to deal with some different suppliers. As you receive an ever increasing number of orders, it can become difficult to track payments and deliveries from different suppliers. This means that you will need to invest in first class bespoke software, that can ideally be automated and will minimise the risks of this method which was developed by eCom success academy review. Find more information here:


You Are In Charge Of The Marketing – Manufacturers are focused on making the best product possible, but they are reliant on you for the marketing. Many companies are very poor at providing top quality information about their merchandise, and as you are unlikely ever physically to touch it, you have to create the information without falsely representing the products.

Customer Service And Shipping Problems – As the end vendor, you are responsible for the customer service, and any subsequent problems, even though you have no real control over the delivery process or stock issues. This can be both frustrating,  and embarrassing as effectively you are having to take responsibility for other peoples mistakes, but your customers won’t want to hear excuses and will just demand that you resolve the situation.

Unexpected Costs – It is very tempting to offer a wide range of products on your online store, that after all is one of the key benefits of drop shipping presented by Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy (source: When you go down this path, you are providing your customers with the choice they desire, but be warned that this exposes you to increased costs. If a customer orders six different products from six different suppliers, as the vendor, you will have to absorb those delivery costs. You client might expect to pay one or two delivery charges, but they certainly won’t anticipate paying six individual ones. This is even more true when ordering all from the one site. Consequently, your costs will increase, and due to the variable nature of people’s buying decisions, it can be difficult to factor these variables in when setting the prices.

For many small business owners, dropshipping solves many solutions, but don’t underestimate the difficulties that it can introduce to your business. Provided you can factor in these negative problems, and minimise your costs, then dropshipping is an excellent option. The key here is planning ahead and finding solutions to these problems before they arise inside eCom success academy bonus package. Find more details here: sign up –

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The Best 5 SEO Strategies to Implement in 2017

frantzen seo strategies for 2017

By following these suggestions, you will see how your website ranking will reach the very top of the search engine results.

1. Publish Content That is Relevant

The number one driver of search engine rankings in quality content, nothing can take the place of great content. Site traffic is increased with quality content that is specifically created for your target audience, this improves the authority and relevance of your site.

Each page should have its own keyword phrase. Consider the ways in which your reader may search for that specific page, for example “best applied physics program,” mechanical engineering in Michigan,” or “Michigan Tech degrees.” Then throughout the page, repeat the phrase several times — a couple of times in the opening as well as the closing paragraphs, and a through the remaining content, two to four times more.

Always remember to use italics, bold, heading tags as well as other emphasis tags so that the highlight keyword phrases, however, do not go overboard. Good writing should never be sacrificed for SEO. The best pages are created with the user in mind, not the search engine.

2. Regularly Update Your Content

As you have probably noticed, we have strong feelings about content, as do search engines. Content that is regularly updated is seen as one of the best indicators of the relevancy of a site, so make sure things are always fresh.

3. Metadata


As your website is designed, every page contains a space to insert metadata, or information regarding your page content right between thetags. IF your site is CMS, this data will have been pre-populated for you by the UMC team:

Title Metadata

What title metadata is responsible for the page titles which are displayed at the very top of a browser window. When it comes to your page, this is the most important metadata. If you have a CMS website, an automated system has been developed for creating each web page’s meta title.

Description Metadata

The textual description which every browser uses on a page search return is description metadata. You can view this as a site´s window display — a description that is appealing and compact as to what the content is, this is to encourage visitors to enter.

Keyword Metadata

The search phrases which people who want to find your page type is the keyword metadata. It is important to include a variety of phrases. That being said, avoid being greedy: if you have an excessive list, the data may be completely ignored by the browser. As a rule of thumb, try to stay around six to eight phrases and each phrased should consist of one to four words. “Computer science degree is a great example of this.

4. Have a Site that is Link-worthy

Focus on developing links that are relevant within the text. Try writing out the destination, as opposed to having “click here” links. Beyond the attached URL, there is no search engine value to “click here,” “Michigan Tech Enterprise Program,” on the other hand is packed with keywords which that will enhance your search engine ranking and in the process the ranking of the paged you are linking to.

5. Use Alt Tags

Your visual and media should always be described with the use of alt tags, you could also opt for alternative text descriptions. These allow a search engine to do something crucial, locate your page — this is very important for those using text-only browsers.

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Best Tech Stocks to Buy in 2017

A2017 tech stocks to invest inlthough the first few chapters of the story of technology stocks in 2016 appeared to be grim reading, the book of the year ended on a sweeter note. This is based on the quick recovery made by the iShares US Technology exchange-traded fund early on; its strong performance continued throughout the rest of the year. It appears that tech stocks are going to hold their upward trend in the future; this might be the ideal time to incorporate a few promising tech firms into your investment portfolio.

Interest rates on home loans have been climbing. Shortly after the presidential election that saw the selection of Donald Trump, average rates on 30-year mortgages passed four percent for the first time in two years.

Investors holding onto Ellie Mae are going to be worried that higher mortgage rates are going to put a stranglehold on the company’s business. It operates the Encompass platform, a clearinghouse that lets every sort of mortgage professional — including lenders, inspectors, assessors, and more — exchange services with one another. Business in this sector has been exceptionally strong recently thanks to the glut of homeowners trying to lock in low mortgage rates by refinancing their homes.

It’s true that higher interest rates are probably going to take a bite out of Ellie Mae’s business, but the effect is likely to be transitory. On a longer time scale, this is actually good news for Ellie Mae. It has a couple of tremendous competitive advantages — the network effect and high switching costs — that are going to work in its favor.

“High switching costs” basically means that a lot of organizations are already committed to the Encompass platform. It would be too much a pain (too expensive and too time-consuming) to retrain their employees on a new platform, so the odds are they’ll stick with Encompass.

Here’s how the network effect is working in Ellie Mae’s favor. The more professionals in the industry join the network, the easier it is to find the services you need in the Encompass system. The cross-disciplinary nature of the platform sets up a virtuous cycle where the very popularity of Encompass serves to make it even more popular.

Ellie Mae is no stranger to short-term reverses. Back in 2013, average user revenue actually dipped into the negatives. This didn’t slow the growth of the organization, though, thanks to market fragmentation. There is still so much growth potential in this field that I feel Ellie Mae makes an extremely profitable investment target. A little short-term unpopularity with investors may, if anything, make it more attractive.

eCommerce growth – Shopify is the biggest player right now.

E-commerce is a sector that’s penetrating the retail market down to the smallest scale. Shopify is a platform designed expressly to allow small business owners and entrepreneurs to jump into the online market. The company provides a range of user-friendly tools for building websites, operating web stores, collecting payments, managing inventory, and much more. Shopify is a hardware-independent service, too, meaning users can work with on desktop computers, mobile devices, and even via social media. It’s not hard to see how Shopify has already amassed a user base 325,000 strong.

In the online world, smaller, younger companies are sometimes at risk of getting gobbled up by bigger players. Shopify seems immune to this problem. A significant turning point occurred when no less a big fish than Amazon elected to end its own competing e-commerce system in favor of establishing a partnership with Shopify. Canny investors will see this as a strong endorsement.

Shopify is poised for big growth very quickly. Internal estimates peg the company’s potential market at nearly 50 million businesses. The company is currently expanding with confidence, extending its capabilities in order to attract more of those would-be customers. Though the bottom-line figure on Shopify is a loss right now, it’s a loss worth taking as it expands the top line outrageously. This is the perfect growth-oriented tech stock for your portfolio this year.

Their stellar performance in 2015 sent their stock soaring. The stock went from about $28 in 2015 to about $48 at the end of 2016.

TripAdvisor Partnered with Expedia

TripAdvisor was a terrible tech stock to hold in 2016, but that might well mean it’s ready to take off in 2017. A large percentage of the company’s recent doldrums have to do with the difficulties of making a conscious turn to operating on a mobile-first basis. There are other big changes on the horizon: TripAdvisor has just partnered up with Expedia to make it possible to book hotel rooms directly through the site. This could signal a focus shift towards reservations.

It’s impossible to forecast when TripAdvisor’s growing pains will end, but I feel very positive about its potential when they do. Given how far the company’s stock fell in 2016 (it lost almost half its value), getting on board for a potential recovery this year isn’t an expensive proposition.

President-Elect Donald Trump hasn’t taken office yet, but many of his plans for 2017 are common knowledge. Our analysts have been parsing the political data, and They’ve identified a $1.6 trillion opportunity in Trump’s proposed infrastructure improvements. Here are 11 stocks that stand to see big gains during Trumps first 100 days. Getting in early is one of the secrets to maximizing your returns; now is the time to shift your investments.


Netflix could be a viable option if you are looking to invest in stock for 2017. It is growing rapidly and the governments all over the world are cracking down on piracy, which puts Netflix in a strong position.

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