Restaurants eCommerce Programs and Tools in Review

By | February 14, 2017

Frantzen Lindeberg Reviews 100k Factory Revolution – The New eCommerce Program For Restaurants

Restaurants are of course known as being places where you can go out to eat. However, until recently, the impact that technology can make on the dining experience has not been fully realized. The National Restaurant Association reports that 25 percent of consumers state that technology options are aspects that are important to them and factor in their decisions on which restaurant they select. This is up from the 20 percent of respondents that stated this last year. Within the restaurant industry technology is impacting not only how customers decide where to eat, but also what they eat along with how they order it. (source: – 100k factory revolution review and discount)

The following are three ecommerce tends presented by 100k Factory revolution that this year will be affecting restaurants:

Mobile payments

Although it isn’t completely ubiquitous yet, the adoption of smartphones among consumers is a growing majority of regular customers who use portable devices on a daily basis. These same consumers are accessing mobile and ecommerce websites at an increasing rate, along with other platforms where they are able to make purchases. The situation is similar for the restaurant industry. Mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps are becoming popular trends within the food service industry since they allow customers to place their orders no matter where they are. More flexibility is being offered by restaurants in terms of where consumers are able to make orders for food.

100k Factory Point of Sale Upgrade


Within the restaurant industry, point of sale solutions are a rapidly maturing operations component. As mobile technology keeps evolving, POS systems do as well. Within the industry mobile point-of-sale solutions are fast becoming a mainstay. This year the main business driver that influenced restaurant POS upgrades was enabling new payment options. According to a recent study from Hospitality Technology, 56 percent said that adding things such as mobile contactless payments, e-wallet and other alternative payment methods were a top priority for them. In addition, ecommerce alternative payments have become more prevalent within the restaurant industry. Tablet-based POS systems are even being put on restaurant tables, as can be seen at Chili’s restaurants all over the country. Find more here:

Easier and Faster Delivery 

Before smartphones were introduced, consumers had to call a business and order delivery or takeout items. Although that isn’t the worst thing, it is very important to note that there has been a dramatic change in how consumers order takeout and fast food. Mobile devices can now be used by consumers to search for, call and place their orders, in one sitting. A major contributing factor to this has ben the proliferation of ecommerce introduced by the 100k factory revolution team. However in terms of ordering and delivery, the restaurant industry’s takeout aspect is being dramatically changed by online retail.

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